Artist:  Ken Richards

Norton Framing & Gallery welcomes the artwork of Ken Richards

artist statement

I paint because I must.  My eyes catch something interesting and I immediately need to play, using paints to explore and have fun.  Light draws my eyes but I find that the magic happens in the shadows.  I trust my eyes. I am not bound by a single technique, style or even by the use of color.  Whatever I think I am seeing, a treatment comes to me.  Sometimes what I see needs a monochromatic treatment and sometimes I find it needs color.  Sometimes I use what I see as a mere suggestion for play and exploration. Other times I need to re-create what I see; informed by my emotions, my eyes, and my influences, always open to happy accidents.

I find that all information is subject to entropy; the transmission of incoming information to my eyes and the process of intentionally transferring it to canvas with paint is all part of the process.  I thoroughly enjoy the wonderful visions that arise from that experience.

Matisse, Monet, Van Gogh are among my influences.  I am inspired by the music of Miles Davis and the writing of Arthur C. Danto.

In addition to my own explorations I enjoy working with other people on commissions. We can arrive at a shared vision and become a team or co- conspirators in art.

“Padanaram Marsh”

30″ x 22″ Acrylic on Canvas

Kinda Blue”

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

“Walk in the rain I”

14″ x 21″ Framed Acrylic on Canvas

“Walk in the Rain II”

15″ x 21″ Framed Acrylic on Canvas

“March Afternoon”

30″ x 22″ Acrylic on Canvas