Guest Artist:  Sandi Daniel

Norton Framing & Gallery welcomes the artwork of Guest Artist  – Sandi Daniel



artist statement


Sandi Daniel is a local as well as national award-winning artist. She has lived and worked all over the United States. Ms. Daniel has exhibited extensively throughout the US as well as Japan. With over 75 successful exhibitions she is a seasoned professional artist. Her work has been shown in museums, galleries as well as academic universities, including the Hecksher Museum Bienniel and the Steinberg Museum of Art at Hillwood.

Sandi Daniel is a graduate of the University of Michigan where she received a bachelor of science in Zoology and Hallmark Institute of Photography where she studied commercial photography. She is highly experienced in photo retouching both analog as well as digital. In addition to making artwork Sandi has also run children’s art programs and has curated art shows for Vision Gallery in Arizona. Although her work is constantly changing in theme and technique there is a distinctive sensibility that runs throughout her imagery.

She currently works for the New York Times and splits her time between making

art and freelancing.


Sandi Daniel

Below are samples of the artwork of Sandi Daniel currently on display through July 2021